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Signal Integrity Characterization Techniques

Mike Resso

Agilent Technology,

Today’s triple play convergence of voice, video and data have transformed the way communication is done between people, places and time. While high speed internet access is delivered using a combination of optical fiber and digital subscriber line (DLS) technologies to its residential base...


T/R Modules Using 3D and SIP Packaging

Rick Sturdivant

President Microwave Packaging Technology, Inc., 1275 North Tustin Ave., Anaheim, CA , 92807,

Tel: 310-980-3039

T/R modules have traditionally used metal housings with glassed-in interconnects and ceramic substrates. More recent approaches use 3D stacked substrates and the tile module approach. This approach resulted in lower cost, lower-profile and lighter-weight arrays. With advances in packaging...


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Rick Sturdivant

Microwave Products and Technology, Inc., 2501 East Chapman Ave, Suite 230, Fullerton, California, 92870, United States of America

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Transmit/Receive Modules for Military and Commercial Applications

"Applications, Key Components, Design Issues and Manufacturing"



Phased Arrays with Transmit/Receive (T/R) modules have become...