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August 28, 2015

Technical Committee 12 deals with topics relating to microwave interconnects and packaging and includes questions of materials, modeling, standards, and manufacturing. The committee defines a package as a structure that supports and interconnects disparate technologies. This definition covers a broad variety of structures ranging from the common surface mount package, which supports a semiconductor die and interconnects it with a printed circuit board, to microwave-photonic packaging which supports both electrical and optical technologies and their interconnections.

Items of interest

August 24, 2017

IMS2018 Philadelphia, PA

  Workshop ideas:
    Sub-mm wave - THz interconnect/packaging technology
    High Power packaging technology 
    An updated packaging 101

  Workshops proposals:

    Materials and Concepts For Microwave Packaging

  Workshops, endorsed proposals:
    3D printing and manufacturing of RF circuits

  Student Design Contest, proposed: TBD