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May 21, 2016

IMS2016 Workshops
  WFA – RF Design and Packaging for Wireless Wearable and Implants
  WMC - Power and Signal Integrity Characterization Techniques


August 28, 2015

Technical Committee 12 deals with topics relating to microwave interconnects and packaging and includes questions of materials, modeling, standards, and manufacturing. The committee defines a package as a structure that supports and interconnects disparate technologies. This definition covers a broad variety of structures ranging from the common surface mount package, which supports a semiconductor die and interconnects it with a printed circuit board, to microwave-photonic packaging which supports both electrical and optical technologies and their interconnections.

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September 14, 2015

IMS2016 San Francisco, CA

  Workshops proposals:

    Packaging implant / wearable biological sensors

  Workshops, endorsed proposals:

    E-Band Communications Market, Technology and IC Design

  Student Design Contest, proposed:

    Packaged Substrate Integrated Waveguide Ultra-Wideband (SIW-UWB) Filter